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Sally Kirkland - K.I.I.S.S.

Kirkland Institute of Implant Survival Syndrome

Beginning the 12th of August 1998 -- the day of her explantation surgery, Sally has been bringing media attention (television, radio, and print) to silicone adjunct disease.

Sally Kirkland: Anna's Implants Partly to Blame
February 16, 2007

"Actress Sally Kirkland believes Anna Nicole Smith's breast implants played a significant part in her need for pain medication, and possibly her death. Sally nearly died from them herself . . ."


Now healthy and implant-free since 1998, Kirkland also feels that Anna "may not have consciously known the dangers" associated with silicone implants. In 2006, the FDA allowed silicone implants back on the market after a fourteen-year ban. Kirkland has been an anti-silicone activist for years, and hopes that Anna's tragic death is a wake-up call on the dangers of the implants.

Please read Sally's Press Release of July, 2005, still important today:


"Sally has been passionately concerned about a decision made by the FDA regarding silicone gel implants. Based on not only her own devastating experiences with implants ... both silicone gel and saline, but also hearing from thousands of women around the world who have been similarly harmed, she adds her voice to those who strongly requested that the FDA NOT approve the products before them."


On November 17, 2006, however, the FDA did give the "gold standard" of safety to silicone gel implants. Sally feels even more concerned that women need to be warned about these dangerous and faulty products.

For excellent scientific explanations of the dangers of breast implants, please visit Dr. Diana Zuckerman's website,

Sally actively promotes the awareness and support for the thousands of individuals detrimentally effected by implants (of silicone, saline, or other chemicals).


Sally's personal illness/health-struggle has been epic and she has opened her life as an example of survival to others who are suffering from the negative effects of implants. She continues researching, with other women, support groups and top medical and holistic doctors.

Sally has spoken out on channels 2, 4, 5, 7, 11, 13, ET, E, CNN, The Maury Povich Show, The Howard Stern Radio & Television Shows, and internet radio with Jeff Rense, and many other talk shows.

In 2005 Sally was interviewed by Adrienne Arpel on KABC in Los Angeles, imploring the FDA to NOT approve the silicone gel implants currently before them.


Sally has done over twenty of her own KBPA RADIO SHOWS on the topic including many with Ilena Rosenthal (from Humantics Foundation for Woman) and author/publisher Burton Goldberg Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and Environmental Illness: Alternative Medicine the definitive guide; Cancer, and other books from Future Medicine Publishing and articles from Alternative Medicine Magazine.


Since Aug. 12th, 1998, she has personally spoken with on the phone and/or emailed hundreds of women, concerned men and doctors and shared all the information she has regarding her own healing process and her network resources.


Sally's vision for the future is for the AMA, ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE, FDA, the pharmaceutical companies, and the government to all work together to end the suffering of women caused by reactions to silicone and silicone encased saline in the body. ILLNESS OF ANY KIND IN WOMEN OR MEN SHE FEELS, CAN BE HEALED (if in time) THROUGH DETOXIFICATION.


Sally hosted a weekly radio show on Alternative Health on KYPA(97-98) and KBPA (98-99)1220 AM (in L.A.) RADIO (Fridays) heard in San Francisco and the Bay area: Oakland, Palo Alto, Santa Rosa, San Jose, Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and Napa Valley. For the last fourteen months she has gained tremendous joy from her phone ministry about alternative and spiritual health.

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